Six Steps to Hiring a Limousine

Six Steps to Hiring a Limousine

There are many reasons why a person would consider hiring a limousine. They make elegant transportation to a high school prom or a wedding. They also make great vehicles for taking passengers to or from airports, or for a night out with friends without anyone being responsible for doing the driving. While many people may have thought about renting a limo, many will never experience the benefits simply because they thought it would be too expensive or complicated, neither of which needs to be true.

Step 1: Know the Details

The limo company will ask you for some details when you contact them, such as the time and date of the event, so make your plans first. Next, there is the location where passengers need to be picked up and where you need to go. Furthermore, you need to know how many hours you need the vehicle and driver to be available for your use. Most companies will have different services to choose from to best suit your needs.

Step 2: Choose the Limousine

Limos come in a variety of types and sizes, so check out the fleet of available vehicles beforehand. Sedans, including Mercedes and Town Cars, are the most popular type of limousines. Depending on the exact model, these vehicles can seat up to six adults comfortably. The next size bigger are the stretch sedans that can seat up to 10 adults. Many companies offer SUV limousines like Navigators, Escalades, Hummers and Excursions that can haul up to 22 people comfortably. Some companies offer limousine busses that can accommodate up to 35 adults. Finally, do not overlook the possibility of hiring a classic car limousine like a Rolls Royce.

Step 3: Determine the Level of Service You Desire

Some people want to rent limos because they need comfortable, reliable transportation to get from one point to another. Others choose to hire a limousine because they want the driver to open doors and help them handle their luggage. Others choose to hire a limo because they want the limo to provide drinks and snacks. By determining the level of service you desire ahead of time, you can clearly communicate this to the limousine company.

Step 4: Choose a Licensed and Insured Provider

While a few people try to get away with not having the proper licenses and insurance to work as a limousine provider, it is never a good idea to deal with these companies. Instead, look for a company that has the proper licensing with the city. In most cases, both the car and the driver must be licensed. Additionally, make sure that they have insurance in the unlikely event that something should happen.

Step 5: Study the Contract/Proposal

By now, you should have narrowed down your choices to a few providers. Before signing a contract, however, take the time to study it for hidden charges. Some charges that may be tacked on to the bill include fuel surcharges, tolls, wait times, stops, extra hours, car seats and cleaning fees. When you consider all these extra fees, sometimes what appears to be the cheapest fee is not so in the long run.

Step 6: Confirm

Make sure that you get a written confirmation for your reservation. Then, on the day of the big event, call the limousine company about three hours before you expect the driver to arrive to confirm any changes.
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