Top 10 Rarest Limos of All Time

Top 10 Rarest Limos of All Time

There are millions of limousines in commission throughout the world. Here is a look at some of the rarest limos in use for a variety of purposes.

Bumblebee Transformer Camaro Stretch Limousine

The Bumblebee Transformer Limo is only one of three Camaro stretch limousines in the world. The interchangeable lighting on the inside of the vehicle allows for creating an interior color scheme that meets the occasion. Gull doors and the crisp sound system sets the Camaro limousine in a class of its own.

Image: Showtime

Celebrity Excalibur Limousine

Owned by Celebrity, the Excalibur limo is only one of 13 vehicles manufactured before 1990. This limousine features a color changing lighted dance floor, two flat screen televisions, four opti glass beverage stations, and color changing fiber optics throughout. Black ostrich leather is finely crafted to provide beautiful and comfortable seating for all passengers.

Image: Celebrity Hummer Limo

All Electric Limousine

The All Electric Limousine is ideal for those that are serious about doing their part to preserve the environment. Designed and built by students from Keio University in Tokyo, this limousine operates on the same batteries which power laptop computers and cell phones. The vehicle is known to have top speeds of 230 MPH, making it one of the fastest limousines in the world.

Image: America Loves Horspower

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Limousine

The sleek look and comfortable feel of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Limousine is ideal for anyone seeking a unique ride in style. This motorcycle-powered limo features all of the amenities you would find in a traditional limousine including a full bar and flat screen television with a fun twist.

Image: America Loves Horsepower

Hummer Mega Bus

While the concept of a Hummer limousine is not rare, the Hummer Mega Bus takes the limo experience to a whole new level. This limousine offers enough lavish seating for 30 guests. Riders can enjoy a covered Jacuzzi, featured in the rear of the limousine.

Image: America Loves Horsepower

Anaconda Motorcycle Limo

Let the wind blow through your hair when enjoying a ride on the Anaconda Motorcycle Limo. This unique limousine experience offers enough seating for nine to ten passengers. Comfort and the thrill will make up for the lack of traditional limo amenities.

Image: America Loves Horsepower

F1 Grand Prix Racing Limo

While the F1 Grand Prix Racing Limo does not offer the same speeds seen on the race tracks, this limousine does provide a unique experience for driver and passengers alike. There are many models of the F1 Grand Prix Racing Limo available, each offering their original twists on the original vehicle design.

Image: America Loves Horsepower

Ferrari 360 Limo

The Ferrari 360 Limo is a custom design and built limousine. This limousine is considered by many to be unique in the world as it is truly a one-of-a-kind model. Guests will enjoy comfortable seating throughout the vehicle complete with flat screen televisions, full bar, and gull wing doors.

Image: America Loves Horsepower

Cinderella Limo

Have the true princess experience with the Cinderella Limo. This limousine features a realistic carriage appeal with the pearl white finish complete with gold detailing. Inside the limo offers red plush velvet seating, open viewing windows, and elegant gold etching throughout. The limo is the only one of its kind and can be found at Luxcars in Gold Coast, Australia.

Presidential Limo

The new United States Presidential Limo, which will be put into commission in January 2017, is only one of twelve in a fleet that will carry the new president of the United States and Secret Service members. Featuring a Cadillac frame and more commonly referred to as the Beast, this limo will sport bomb protection for all passengers. The unique characteristics of the Presidential limo are the cooler in the rear which holds several pints of the U.S. President’s blood type, a trunk filled with heavy artillery, and survival gear for all passengers.

Image: Fox News

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