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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Limousine Service

Many people that have not used a limousine or car service have a fixed image of what constitutes a limousine and what services a limo company can offer. Car services typically have an array of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs and limousines of various sizes. There are also many instances when a car service may be your most practical and affordable transportation option. Here are three things you may not realize about limousine service.

Limousines are not just for the rich and famous

We all know that many celebrities like to use limousines as their basic mode of transportation. Even though we see photos and videos of stars climbing in and out of limos at swank hotels and red carpet events, a limousine service can also be an efficient mode of transportation for both families and business travelers.

For families on vacation, limos offer convenience and flexibility. Negotiating your way around an unfamiliar city with a family of four and everyone’s luggage is not an easy task. It can save a lot of stress and worry to schedule a car service. The driver will load all of the bags and deliver you to your destination while you and your family relax.

Business travelers are often on a tight schedule. Using a limo can help guarantee that you don’t miss important deadlines or meetings due to the uncertainties of public transportation. Scheduling a car service for visiting business guests or consultant teams will show that you value their importance and time.

Limousines are not just for special events

Many of us associate limousines with school proms and weddings. While it’s true they are perfect for these special occasions, there are many other times when a limo car service is a sensible choice. Traveling to and from the airport is an excellent example. Schedule a car service for the exact time you need; you will get door to door service without the hassle of parking your car or returning a rental and having to use a shuttle.

Limos are also an excellent alternative for getting a group of people to a sports event, concert or just a night on the town when you don’t want to drink and drive.

Limousines are competitive with other modes of transportation

Many people assume that taxis are the best alternative to subways and buses for getting around in a large city. You might be surprised at how competitive car service rates are. For multiple passengers and personalized service, a limo will usually be the best choice.

You can get an upfront price quote from a limo company’s website. Just enter your starting point, destination, time for pickup and number of passengers. The website will give you an instant quote. You can confirm and schedule your limo then and there.

Whether you are a family traveling on vacation, a business person or a resident planning transportation to a party or event, consider the convenience and efficiency that a car service can provide.

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