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How to Find Your Dream Toronto Wedding Limo

Your wedding transportation will set the scene for your big day.

Have you thought about a limo? There’s a reason they’re in high demand. A Toronto wedding limo service may the luxurious touch you need to raise the bar before you start your new life.

Here’s how to choose the perfect Toronto wedding limo for your wedding celebration.

1. Check Reviews and get Recommendations

You don’t want your wedding to be marred by a surly – or, even worse – late driver.

You need to choose a wedding limo service you can rely on. Make sure to read online reviews before you pick.

Also talk to friends who recently got married. Did they have a limo, and was the quality great, or so-so? You need to pick an outstanding service which does justice to your wedding.

2. Look at Your Toronto Wedding Limo Options Closely

Make sure you book in a time with limo services to check out their fleet. Make a choice as to which vehicle you’d prefer at your wedding.

Pick a limo which is in great condition, well-serviced, and that you trust won’t break down. Otherwise, you could end up paying for taxis. You could also end up arriving hours late for your own wedding party.

Do your research to avoid any potential disasters.

3. Do You Fully Understand the Cost?

Some limo services will charge a fee for the limo, a fee for the driver, and supplementary fees for any services it deems ‘extra.’ This might include the cost of fuel.

Get the service to list its fees for you. That way, you will understand how much you can expect to pay in total for your limo.

Remember that any fees might also be topped off with tips for staff. So, be sure to check the company’s expectation surrounding this too.

Set yourself a budget at the outset, and try to keep under this when booking your limo.

4. Does Your Limo Have Enough Space?

The logistics of weddings can be complicated.

It’s important to think about who will be riding in the limo at any given time. The groom and bride? The parents? Extended family?

This will dictate the size of the limo you choose. You will need enough room for everybody to be comfortable.

Remember to account for the size of the bride’s dress when choosing!

5. Think About Safety

Always give yourself peace of mind by asking the limo provider about its safety record and policies.

They should have their own liability insurance for worst-case events.

Their drivers should be suitably qualified and trained to drive such a large vehicle. If something seems fishy, ask to see their license. Any reputable driver won’t have a problem with this, and should be pleased to talk you through their experience as a wedding driver.

Remember to Book Your Limo Early!

Whichever Toronto wedding limo you pick, remember to reserve early.

Limos get booked up months in advance, particularly for weddings taking place during the summer.

Don’t miss out – book your wedding limo as soon as you’re satisfied you’re dealing with a reputable company.

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